Executive Assistant

Chris has been filling in the role of interim director while we searched for a new one and he will remain with us as part of the team as executive assistant.  Chris will be supporting the day-to-day administrative tasks, working with the interns and volunteers and supporting our new ED.

Chris has a strong local connection to the community as the man behind the DTES Vancouver Business Directory. He started the Directory in 2015 as a way to promote businesses in the DTES.  Chris believed that there is something in the DTES for everyone and saw it as an opportunity to help build and maintain our local community and economy.

Chris has also maintains HxBIA website and email services.  He has been involved with the association as a member for over seven years assisting past executive directors on various projects such as, the Victory Square Movie Night.  He is familiar with many of area’s complexities and has a good working relationship with many of the local businesses. Chris also serves as a member of Exchange Inner City’s Executive Committee for the past three years and has a heart for the neighborhood as he lives right in the center of it all.

Chris has a background in retail management, marketing, and sales. For the past 15 years he has worked as freelance web developer and designer. Chris has also pursued a successful academic path, having completed a B.Admin, B.A. (Religious Studies)  B.Th, and his M.A.(Theology) from the University of Wales.

Chris welcomes you to contact him at 604-259-1466 ext 1 or chris@hxbia.com if you are needing assistance with any issues.