Clean Team

In response to the increasing challenges of street activity and litter faced by businesses within the district, HxBIA provides and contracts with two organizations to provide cleaning and safety services including the following:
Performing micro-cleaning services on sidewalks and in other public spaces,
Removal of graffiti
Collecting and reporting discarded needles found on the downtown streets,
Pressure washing public sidewalks and public spaces.

MP (Mission Possible) 
This service, free to members, gives you the ability to request support for removal of litter and drug paraphernalia from your storefront and alley space and graffiti removal on an as-needed basis.

For example, you get into work in the morning and discover that drug debris has been left in your entryway, or perhaps someone leaves a pile of litter along your storefront during the day – call the MP Neighbours Clean Team.

HxBIA’s MP Neighbour teams will respond directly and quickly to  businesses as needs arise. Simply call either the BIA office at 604-259-1466 or MP Neighbours at 604-253-4469 extension 152 to arrange for assistance.  Otherwise, contact us at if you need assistance 

This service is available Monday – Friday, 9AM to 3:30PM. 

MP Neighbours service. MP Neighbour teams will remain available to members through our regular patrols and on an on-call basis to respond to de-escalation or safety concerns. Read more here about MP Neighbours

United We Can Lane Cleaning

Hxbia has been contracting with United We Can in cleaning up the alleys to keep our neighbourhood tidy and clean. The result has been very encouraging.  The lane cleaning program provides daily laneway micro-cleaning and employs individuals exclusively from the Downtown Eastside.
Daily service is provided on a rotating basis to all laneways in our Bia.  Workers are dispatched in teams to walk the laneways to collect garbage, syringes and other refuse.
Lane cleaning has improved the health and safety in the designated areas by reducing rodent infestation and fire hazards on local sidewalks, alleyways and green spaces. The program also reports any illegal dumping activities to the City of Vancouver.
contact us at if you need assistance 

The City of Vancouver through Coast Mental Health Transitional Employment Program (TEP) & Coast On-Site Solutions
provides Weekly Micro Cleaning within the BIA as per the following schedule.

2022 Micro-cleaning Schedule-Hasting Crossing