What We Do

We focus on initiatives related to the health and resilience of the local economy, the management of the built environment, stewardship of the natural environment of which it is intertwined with, and the cultural and social development of our area. We work with other levels of government too, as well as regional governance bodies, foundations, financial institutions, universities and colleges, the Vancouver Economic Commission, Board of Trade, Chambers of Commerce and other non-governmental organizations. We collaborate, connect, facilitate, and challenge ourselves to form creative solutions with all our partners and supporters in the interest of the community we serve.
Services we provide for our members:

  • Support with graffiti removal, illegal dumpings, cleaning street debris and other public realm concerns
  • Networking and professional development events
  • Creation, attraction and support of cultural events and marketing strategies to draw consumers to our area and your business
  • Advocacy by bringing your voice and your concerns to our elected officials and government bureaucracies through regular contact and strategic partnerships organizations like the Fair Tax Coalition, the Vancouver BIA Partnership, BIABC, Urban Land Institute, and local universities and thought leaders in various sectors.

Services we are currently developing or have developed for our members:

  • Comprehensive and convenient safety and environmental health program through a partnership with Mission Possible (Created July 2012)
  • Comprehensive BIA business directory complete with links to social media tools and website 
  • Cost reduction strategies, including a full service recycling and waste diversion program to reduce waste hauling costs (Zero waste challenge pilot completed March 2014)
  • Living History Series developed and launched with showcase on the former Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret (February 2014)
  • Urban Tree Nursery (launched July 2014, painted by local artists October 2015)
  • CommunityWise New Business Welcome Packet to orient new businesses to the community and connect them with social enterprises and other local businesses