Updates to BC Securing Small Business Funding

After consulting with the business community and the BC Chamber of Commerce, the Province is making changes to the Securing Small Business Rebate Program. 

Recognizing the increased costs to businesses due to property crime and vandalism in rural and urban communities across the province, the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation launched this $10.5 million Securing Small Business Rebate Program, which has helped to provide small businesses with funds for eligible commercial property crime and vandalism repairs, or to implement eligible preventative measures.

With limited uptake due to application barriers and requirements, the Province has made changes, which include:

  • Removing the requirement to provide an insurance claim when applying for funding through the reparative stream of the program. Applicants will now simply be required to provide the name of their insurance carrier and policy number.
  • Permitting self-installation of measures. If equipment is self-installed, the rebate will be for eligible equipment only.
  • Removing the requirement for the applicant to demonstrate there is vandalism in the community in order to be eligible for the preventative rebate.
  • Removing the application deadline of Feb. 29, 2024, for preventative and reparative applications being filed for 2023. Applications will be accepted until the program ends in 2025.

In addition, previous applications that were submitted and/or declined due to eligibility criteria that have since changed, will be re-evaluated in order of submission date and the outcome will be communicated once the review is complete.

Click here to read the full news release. Click here to visit the BC Chamber of Commerce webpage to learn more and submit your application.

Hastings Crossing BIA also has a Vandalism Grant Program, which members can access in addition to the provincial funding. We encourage members to access the provincial funding first, as there is a larger amount available. More information on HxBIA’s program is available here