Hxbia Board Meeting


Location: ZoomTime: 2:00 PMIn attendance: Deanna Wing; Steve Johnston; Devon Boorman; Ash MacLeod; Dirk Falconer;Gordon Casey; Adam HayashiRegrets: Caithlin Scarpelli1.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 2:03 PM.


 Additions to the Agenda



 Adoption of Agenda

Dirk moved to adopt the agenda; seconded by Steve.


 Adoption of Minutes from May 2021 Meeting

Steve moved to adopt the minutes; Ash seconded.


Update on Action Items6.

General Update


City of Vancouver (OPS Site, Decriminalization of Poverty)

 Steve provided an update on the DTES street market based on conversations withMaryClare Zak from the City. The current site at 62 East Hastings will only be available untilthe end of July 2021. There are concerns that the City may not seek a site for the interimperiod before the 26 East Hastings site is ready; little demolition appears to have been doneon that site. The City is looking to adopt some recommendations from the vending reportthey commissioned, and to receive support from the street market society on the logisticsof running vending during the interim period.Adam summarized the meeting between the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health,and several HxBIA members located near the OPS site at Pender and Abbott. We made apoint of expressing our support for OPS services and for their place in the community.Members shared their concerns around: personal safety in the alley and in places of worksurrounding the site; increases in gang activity; and the challenges of graffiti and garbage.VCH committed to regular meetings and has since followed up seeking dates. They havepromised to work with VPD on some of the challenges getting responses to incidents whenBIA members call. And they are working on clarity regarding graffiti and garbage on andaround the site.


Placemaking (DTES Lights grant; graffiti)

Adam updated that BIAs, including HxBIA, were unsuccessful in applications to the HealthyCommunities Initiative. Other funding would be pursued for the Lights program.

Several conversations have taken place with groups including Community Policing Centres,Embers Eastside Works, and Mission Possible regarding a program to address the graffitichallenges in the BIA. City funding of $25,000 will be made available to Hastings Crossing.

Ash agreed that systemic issues driving graffiti would be a challenge. Linkages betweenartists and mentors could help. Ash expressed interest in a revived arts and culturecommittee.


Patio Program

Adam highlighted the promotional efforts taking place in several BIAs to increase patiovisits. Social media postings would be created to raise awareness.


BIAs (ED Changes; Filming; Tax)

Adam spoke of the two recent changes to DTES BIAs: Stefanie Schultz departed fromGastown and the new ED is Wally Wargolet, whom Adam has met with. Theo Lamb wasleaving Strathcona and a search would be carried out to find a new ED.



The documentation for the audit is complete and the process was scheduled to begin inJuly.


Strategic Planning

Adam committed to following up with more detailed draft material.


Other business8.


Ash moved to adjourn; Dirk seconded.