Hxbia Board Meeting


Location: ZoomTime: 2:00 PMIn attendance: Deanna Wing; Gordon Casey; Caithlin Scarpelli; Devon Boorman; Adam HayashiRegrets: Steve Johnston; Ash MacLeod; Dirk Falconer1.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM.


 Additions to the Agenda

Caithlin asked to discuss the reopening of Oppenheimer Park. Added this to item 5. a).


 Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Caithlin; seconded by Gordon.


 Adoption of Minutes from June 2021 Meeting

Moved by Caithlin; seconded by Gordon.


General Updatea.

City of Vancouver (OPS Site, Decriminalization of Poverty, Street Market)

There was discussion around the re-opening of Oppenheimer Park and the challenges ofpreventing people from creating an encampment when the alternative might be difficultconditions in an SRO during the summer heat.Adam agreed to monitor the situation with Carnegie and Strathcona BIA as needed,recognizing that Oppenheimer Park falls under Strathcona BIA.


Graffiti Program

Discussions have continued on a graffiti program with funding expected soon from the City.Caithlin has worked with the City on approvals for a public art initiative in the past andoffered to share her experience navigating that process.


Patio Program

The patio program run jointly with several other BIAs continues through July and Augustand has been highlighted on social media.


BIA Operations: Audit, AGM, Survey

Adam has provided material to the auditors and this process continues on schedule. TheAGM is planned for September 23.


COVID Re-opening Issues

Adam summarized some of the discussions on coordination around re-opening issuesfacing DTES organizations. Urban Core playing a lead role in acting as a forum.Devon suggested that an event (perhaps online) to highlight issues and provide anopportunity to discuss shared challenges could be helpful to members.Caithlin suggested that WCB could be a resource to include at such an event for theirguidance on re-opening safely. She can provide a WCB contact if needed.Adam will stay involved in discussions and update the board and members on progress.


Strategic Planning

The board had been provided with the latest draft of the strategic plan in advance of the meeting.Caithlin highlighted the need to delineate clear board roles. She supported the idea of anothermeeting focused on development of metrics.Deanna and Devon agreed that further development of measures was needed. Concrete measuresof progress are difficult to develop but critical to have.


Other business8.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:01 PM.