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Am I eligible to be a member? Members of Hastings Crossing BIA belong to a network of over750 business and property owners throughout the Downtown Eastside. 

You are eligible for membership if you meet these criteria:

  • You or your business rents, leases or owns class five or class six real property as referred to in Section 459 of the Vancouver Charter S.B.C.1953, C.55. If you need help verifying this, email to find out!
  • Your business or property is within our catchment area.

Note: Business owners and properties in our areas are likely already members, but this is about getting up to date contact information.

You may be ineligible for membership if you meet any of the following criteria:
Your business is home-based or residential.
Your business lands outside the HxBIA area. You may be eligible for membership with another Vancouver BIA.
The property that you rent is within our boundaries but pays no BIA levy amount. You may be eligible for non-voting membership.

If you are a community organization within our area, we would love to work closely with you. We currently partner with many groups in the DTES, and recognize the importance of community collaboration and input from local residents on all things in the DTES.

There is no fee to activate your membership.

HxBIA is funded by a special municipal levy that is paid by commercial properties in the area, and shared by tenants through their rent. In most cases, the levy amounts to less than 10 cents per square foot for each individual business.

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