HxBIA celebrates the culture of our community by supporting a variety of events, festivals, and one-offs that bring community members and visitors to HxBIA, helping to define the identity of our unique area.

These events have included in past years: LOCO BC Buy Local Week; Victory Square Block Party; Fair in the Square; Mission Possible Cleanest Day Event; Hub Cycling; and Binners Coffee Cup Revolution. 

​Things to keep in mind when asking HxBIA to sponsor your event:

  • HxBIA operates with only two dedicated staff persons, so we are typically supportive of events that require very little staff time on our end, yet deliver big impact.
  • As we are a BIA that is accountable to its business members, we typically support events that attract patrons to our area, and therefore have potential to generate customers for our members.
  • As we have a mandate to be a social, cultural, and economic leader in the Downtown Eastside, we support events that help us to fulfill that mission.
  • Events we support should not be reliant on HxBIA for more than 20% of their operating budget.